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Random thoughts from the Multiverse
Or how I spend my time away from reality :P
As I've mentioned before, I've lived through every major DC reboot. I've griped and grumbled whenever they have tossed out or altered something I liked, but I learned to live with it. But this newest relaunch is almost too much to take. Pretty much everything has changed, and drastically at that. The Flash, my favorite hero, has had his entire past wiped out. He never died and came back, he's never been married, and his rogues are now wierd and different.  His life seems like it's been pretty uneventful in the 5 years they say he's been around now. And Justice League is just as bad. They have had no membership changes in the 5 years they've been together, and act more like kids in a clubhouse then the premier super hero team. And don't even get me started on the new Earth 2.  Barry Allen is now older and more expeirenced then Jay Garrick??? It really makes me feel like DC Comics has passed me by. I find myself getting less and less DC books these days. I don't know, maybe this is life's way of telling me it's time to move on from comics.

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In the weeks that have passed since the big announcement of DC's relaunch, we have rapidly been given more information on it. And I'm finding the more we learn, the less I understand. One initial concern I had, that the slate would be completely wiped clean and everything would start over, was laid to rest. We've been told that some important stories of DC's past did still occur.   Not all, but some. To me this raises more questions though. What stories didn't happen now? And how did some of the stories still happen in the new continuity?

I can see something like Crisis on Infinite Earths being pitched out. It's complicated, which is not what DC wants in their new universe. Plus the story can never really be told properly with retcons. I've seen it tried and failed many different times and ways.  But then what of Barry Allen? With no Crisis he never died, and thus was never resurrected. This has become an important part of his character. Plus it has a big bearing on Blackest Night, which is one of the stories that has been confirmed to have survived.  And if the first Crisis never happened, then neither could any of the ones that proceeded it. Would DC wipe out Final Crisis so soon after it happened? That would be kind of a waste.

How about Identity Crisis? This is another story I've read survives into the new DCU. That story relied heavily on some old JLA stories. If Identity Crisis remains in cannon, then those stories would have to as well. How is that going to work with the new revamped Justice League? The one that's only been around 5 years and has Cyborg as a founding member.

And what of the Just ice Society? From every indication, they never existed in the DCnU. At least not on the main Earth. What about their participation in the stories that make the cut? They were in Blackest Night and Identity Crisis. Not huge parts, but they were there. How will this be explained?

Basically, I think all these older stories will be altered. DC will say they happened, just not exactly the way we read them originally.  This was a big problem in the post-Crisis DCU. And it made a big mess. But this is all just speculation on my part. I really don't know exactly what's going to happen or how it will be handled.  At any rate it's got me curious enough to stick around for the relaunch to see how it all pans out.

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I saw the Green Lantern movie. Twice. I liked it the first time, liked it even better the second.

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One thing I keep hearing about the reasoning, and so-called necessity, for the upcoming DC relaunch is that the company is too bogged down in continuity. And as such, it's overwhelming for need readers. I've also heard that its fans who are too obsessed with continuity, a common stereotype for most comic fans by the way,  who are most whiny about the apparent major forthcoming reboot. I've even heard people in the comics industry such as writers and editors say that continuity is not important and fans should just ignore it and enjoy stories on their own merit. Well I'm here to say that continuity should not be considered a dirty word.

Let me start by saying I am not obsessed with continuity, but I do like it. I grew up on Roy Thomas comics, and he always stuck with a very tight continuity. It shaped the way I look at comics and helped me to appreciate that side of them. I enjoy reading something like Blackest Night: Starman and seeing guards in the Starman Museum discussing an attack that happened there in JSA VS Kobra. It adds to my enjoyment of the story and the greater cohesiveness of the DC universe as a whole. I also notice things like seeing a flashback of the Earth-2 Superman flying in front of the Daily Planet, which did happen in Blackest Night: JSA, and realizing it's wrong (There was no Planet on Earth-2, they had the Daily Star instead). But it doesn't ruin the story for me. Something like that I will either shake my head at or chuckle and move on.

Now I do get bothered by major continuity snags. Like when a writer like Brian Bendis has Steve Rogers find out about the Siege of Asgard 2 completely different ways in 2 different books both written by him. Or when those books completely ignore another story like Captain America Reborn witch had a big bearing on them. And when the same writer again screws up his own work and shows Illuminati members having the wrong Infinity Gems, and then the editors saying the goof happened because they didn't bother to check the facts, yeah, that bugs me some too. That is just laziness. 

The point I'm trying to make is continuity isn't a bad thing. It shouldn't be obsessed over, and it shouldn't be ignored either.  I think if done well, and in moderation, it can help to enrich a shared universe. And if you are going to have a shared universe, I think it's a must. A good writer can find ways to work around, or even fix bad stories so as not to completely disrupt continuity. For DC to completely toss out all their history and start from scratch, which we still don't know they are doing, it just seems like throwing the baby out with the bath water. Just my 2 cents.

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As I've mentioned before, I'm old enough to have lived through all of DC's major company wide reboots. They're have been several, and it seems each time they try to top themselves. Always going to greater lengths. As I think back to all of them and how they were done, it's interesting to see the different approaches they have used over the years.

The first came back in 1986, right after the first Crisis ended. Now there was no major reboot directly following the Crisis other then the Multiverse being condensed down to a single Earth. Really the only characters effected by this were one's from Earths other then the main DC Earth. Books like All-Star Squadron and Infinity Inc that had been set on Earth-2 were effected the most. There weren't major cancellations and relaunches of books, at least not immediately. Longtime books like Flash and Wonder Woman did end, but that was because both characters had "died". No, this major reboot would happen much more gradually. Over the course of the following year and a half we saw major changes to most of DC's top heroes. Updated origins and new series with brand new #1 issues. But again, this wasn't all at once, it was done very gradually back then.

Jump now 8 years later to 1994 and Zero Hour. This was DC's next big attempt to hit the reset button. It was suppose to fix all the inconsistencies caused by the Crisis. It didn't, but that's another story. Now this event was immediately followed by Zero Month. Every DCU was given a #0 issue, with new premises and directions. However, the following month all the books went back to their regular numbering. Characters and origins were tweaked but nothing real drastic. There were a couple books that were cancelled and replaced, like L.E.G.I.O.N. becoming R.E.B.E.L.S and Justice League Europe ending with Extreme Justice taking it's place, but nothing major.

Next we go to 2007 and Infinite Crisis. Like Zero Hour and Zero Month, this event was followed by One Year Later. And for the first time, DC immediately cancelled and relaunched several series. In fact, it was decreed that the only series that were not in jeopardy of starting over with a new first issue was the one's with really high numbering like the Batman and Superman books. Most others started over again. Noticing a trend here? DC was getting more ambitious.

And that brings us to the here and now, Flashpoint. We're being told EVERY series will end and those that survive will ALL start a new with a first issue. Not only that, but unlike the previous events, there's a very good indication that characters histories could be wiped clean. Bigger and bolder. It makes me wonder how DC can top this with their next big reboot.

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Recently I've had a parting of the ways with an ex of mine. Not breaking up, it actually ended some time ago, but as in breaking off all contact altogether. She decided she wants to leave me in her past and I'm realizing I should do the same. There is some hostility, at least on my part anyway. But the point is, she is a big fan of Cyclone of the JSA. It was actually one of the first things that drew me to her back in the day. A girl who not only knew a lot about comics but also dug the JSA? I thought it was too good to be true! (it was by the way)

But I've been rereading the recently cancelled JSA All-Stars lately and it made me think, should I not like Cyclone now because of my hard feelings towards my ex? Will she constantly serve as a painful reminder to me? One of my chick friends says she hates Spider-Man because one of her ex's liked him. And she hates Daredevil too because of another ex. I suppose I can understand that.

Reading these books again, it made me realize, I do still like Cyclone. She's a fun, quirky character. She's never wronged me. I'm not going to dislike a fictional character due to the actions of a real life person. Besides, I liked Cyclone before I met this person, why shouldn't I like her after she's gone?

On a related note, all 52 of DC's new relaunched books have been announced, and there's no JSA. I've lived through every major reboot DC has done. I was left without a JSA after Crisis on Infinite Earths, and again after Zero Hour. And now apparently he we go again. Come on DC! You know you can't get rid of the JSA, they always come back. I just hope it doesn't take 5 or 6 years this time.

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The big talk over the comics world lately has DC's big upcoming reboot/relaunch. Now I've lived through several of these reboots, and while it can be frustrating to have some of you're favorite comic stories from the past pitched out the continuity window, I've come up with a way to make it more acceptable. Basically a way for every comic story to fit into continuity. Some continuity, somewhere.

In a nutshell, I like to hypothesize that every DC reboot sets off adventures on a brand new parallel Earth. In return, the previous continuity still exists on another Earth, just one we don't see anymore in the comics. Below, I'll show how I break it down, in the order these Earths have appeared as the main universe and mention some of the key aspects that makes these Earths different from each other.


Home of the Justice Society and most other Golden Age Heroes.
Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman began their careers in the late 30s/early 40s..


Kicked off with the Silver Age, home of the Justice League.
Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman began their careers much later here and were contemporaries with and founding members of the JLA.
We stop seeing this Earth at the end of the first Crisis.

Post Crisis Earth-designation needed (1986-1994)
World contains aspects of Earths 1,2,4,S, and X.
John Byrne Man of Steel Superman
Batman: Year One Batman
Wonder Woman comes along much later on this world.
Black Canary II is founding member of the JLA, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are not
Miss America takes Wonder Woman's place in JSA.
HawkWorld Hawkman

(There may be another Earth in between this Earth and Earth-1 I call transition Earth. This Earth contains all the characters but are not changed, such as Superman, Captain Atom, ETC. This world would only be seen briefly in '86.)

Zero Hour Earth-designation needed(1994-1999)
Spun out of Zero Hour event, revised history.
Batman an urban legend on this Earth
Different Legion of Super-Heroes.
Heroes on this Earth meet Marvel characters NOT from Earth-616, but one very similar to it.
Different Hawkman

Hypertime Earth-designation needed (1999-2007)
Did not spin out of any major event but little differences around this time made it separate
"Hypertime" discovered here by this world's Rip Hunter, but is actually just a window into different Earths.
Hypolyta becomes Wonder Woman of JSA.
John Byrne's Doom Patrol.
Superman Birth Right origin.
This Earth's JLA meets Avengers who may or may not be from Earth-616 (nothing on the Marvel end proves it is)

Infinite Crisis Earth/New Earth/Earth-0(2007-2011?)
Secret Origin Superman origin
Batman not an urban legend
Wonder Woman again debuts same time as Superman, Batman, JLA.
Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman all founding members of JLA again here.

Now there are also an infinite number of other Earths out there such as Earth-S/5, X/10, 4 and the rest of the 52. Plus every Elseworlds book exists on it's own separate Earth. A couple others would be interesting to note.

Superman/Batman Generations Earth-designation needed
All chapters of Superman/Batman Generations occurred here, as well as Batman/Captain America. Meaning this world has a Cap, Bucky, and Red Skull as well as DC characters.

DC/Marvel Earth-designation needed
All DC/Marvel crossovers that occurred with the characters living on the same Earth took place here, contains characters from both companies.

Well, that's my preliminary outline for it. Under my theory, the multiverse is limitless. Currently we only see 52 of them, but the rest still exist. The Anti-monitor never could have destroyed all but 5 because if they were infinite, it would have taken him an eternity to do so. All destroyed during the first Crisis were restored when the heroes went back to the dawn of time. Under this system, every continuity is still valid. I would welcome any feedback anyone has on this idea.

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 Ok, I've been reading World War Hulk lately, and its just reaffirming something that I've thought, well forever. Citizens of The Marvel Earth are fickle, unappreciative, and generally never satisfied. This has always been the case, since they started believing the Daily Bugle's bashes on Spider-Man, and distrusting Mutants. I remember how freaked out by them Wally West was in JLA/Avengers and he was right. People in the DC Earth don't behave like that. Hell, I don't think people in the real world would act like that if we had super heroes.

Let me give a few examples here, to give an idea of where I'm coming from. First, it always bothered me how mutants were hated and feared by the general populous, yet heroes like the Avenger and the Fantastic Four were accepted and sometimes loved. They even used to have an annual Avengers day complete with a big parade. So basically, I guess its ok if you get your powers scientifically, but being born with them just makes you untrustworthy. Go figure.

But even the Avengers are not safe from the public's wishy-washyness. When the heroes were thought dead after the fight with Onslaught, everyone was sad. They made statues for them and everything. When they came back, they were happy again. That sounds about right. But yet, a short time later the Avengers were being protested about minority members. Welcome back from the dead Avengers, now about your roster....

Then things just got worse after Civil War. The citizens seemed to support the act and criticized Captain America for causing this war. He surrendered and the Initiative era began. Every ones happy right? Wrong. First citizens of Stamford protest the heroes using their city for their main base. Then, protesters start showing up after Cap is killed and blame the registered heroes. And now, as the Hulk cuts a destructive path down New York City, the center of the Marvel Universe, they cheer him and rout for him to take out Iron Man. So let me get this straight. You want the unregistered heroes to give up and join the initiative, then once they do, you suddenly don't like or trust registered heroes. Ok, whatever.

Bottom line here is if your a Marvel hero why bother? Why continue to save the world from Galactus, or protect your freedom from Dr. Doom?  In these people's eyes, your damned if you do, and damned if you don't.  

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Ok, let me start by saying that I've always been a sucker for the idea of alternate universes and multiple Earths. As a little kid I always loved the old JLA/JSA team-ups. I loved the show Sliders (until they started changing the actors and premises later on, but that's besides the point). And my all-time favorite Star Trek episode is Mirror Mirror. That being said, I gotta say that I think DC is currently overdoing it with their current multiverse. 

Lets start with a little history. In the old days, DC had infinite Earths in their multiverse, it went on forever. However, we only ever saw a handful of them. Earth-1 was the main universe, the one we read about in most of the comics. Earth-2 was seen fairly regularly, home of the JSA and other golden age heroes. There was also Earths 3 (Crime Syndicate), S (Marvel Family), X (Freedom Fighters), and Prime (the real world where we, the readers, lived). But these worlds were only seen every once in a while. A couple other Earths were hinted at, but never officially listed. So still, this wasn't very confusing. 6 Earths was manageable for the reader. DC didn't seem to think so. So they made Crisis on Infinite Earths and cut the number down to one. this was done to simplify things, but the resulting continuity questions instead made things much more confusing. DC would spend the next 20 years trying to fix things with countless ret-cons, most of which didn't wash with the fans.

Then came Infinite Crisis. DC decided that having multiple Earths wasn't so bad after all. It was actually kind of cool when done properly. However they didn't do it properly this time. Instead of having Infinite Earths now, we only had 52. And not only that, but we are currently in the process of being shown each and every one of them every week. So basically, we went from having 6 Earths to deal with, to having 1, to now having 52 all at once.   I'm getting sensory overload from all these new Earths. Its too much in too short a time. If DC was smart, which I'm not saying they are with the current people running it, they would go back to having unlimited Earths, and only show us a few at a time. That way we could still have surprises down the road. Whats the rush to show us every single one of them? A little at a time would be fine. Leave a little something to the imagination. 

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